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Welcome To Night Vale: Radon Canyon

Through the dim tunnel a light either a spectacular yellow or an astonishing white shone brilliantly on a dark figure. The light drew in a familiar face; one that was attached to a body so perfect, so taut with legs of equal amazement as they stepped cautiously toward the opening. As if a warning to the young scientist a swift breeze blew against his lavender colored lab coat; a cloud slowly drifted above head, with a glowing green luminescence that seemed to warm the ground and our favorite scientist’s outstanding dark hair. The air in Radon Canyon had a scent of arsenic that caused Carlos’ nostrils to flair as his nose hairs became stiff and brittle. A foot of the well-educated man disappeared into the opening of the tunnel, instantaneously chilling his leg. The incandescent, gradational light began flickering in coalition with the scholar’s timid footsteps. A horrible sound of rushing wind, almost vibrating, sank into Carlos’ ear canal, bouncing around his ear drum. Hot air surged past Carlos heating his entire body, sending goosebumps up his arms and down his legs. He clutched his clipboard just as a small brown rodent crept across the top of his tan loafers, it miraculously stepped off of the scientist’s shoe with a lovely new white coat. Carlos jotted down a few notes in the dark as it scurried out toward the now exit of the tunnel.


You are broken, you are disfigured and alone, sad, hopeless and afraid. You breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale fecal matter. My words overthrow your’s, cry out your mistakes and release sustainable affection. Perpetual damnation could be your eternal resting place. Bleed black and sigh a monumental blossoming hatred. Drink my lust and regurgitate my thoughts.


Anonymous asked:

Why does the school dress code force us to cover our shoulders? Are shoulders dangerous and/or vulgar? Why don't we just ban shoulders all together?


Shoulders are what we rest our heads on. And in our heads we contain more freedom than we should be trusted with. Some schools feel threatened by this imaginative freedom. Eliminate the shoulders and the heads will roll, freedom will be vanquished. And the school can do with the headless, freedomless, obedient bodies as they may. This is but the first step in their plan to dominate and obliterate the imagination and freedom of students. But we must not let them win. Expose your shoulders! Let them see the proud head that rests upon it! Remind them of your power! Do not let them control you!

This is my school

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